Mobingi Wave | Cloud Cost Optimization and Management tool

Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

With Mobingi Wave, you manage multiple AWS accounts in one place, analyze your organization's cost and optimize budget easily.

Recalculate and optimize your AWS usage

Know your organization's true cost allocation by correctly recalculating AWS usage against multi business demensions such as projects, departments, teams, or even just tags.

In the situation of blending rates by reserved instances, Mobingi Wave gives you the true unblended usage reports by offering you the ability to completely eliminate RI blending, or re-assign RI only to specific accounts.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Creating multiple cloud accounts for different projects (or one account for each employee) had became a mainstream use case today. And we know that managing the cost spending and forecasting the budget have also became a pain for you.

Mobingi Wave frees you from working with AWS Cost Explorer or Excel sheets but instead, get direct results from a simple-to-use dashboard.

Payer Account and Linked Accounts
Mobingi Wave dashboard gives you a central place to view all accounts usage on a realtime basis, and allows you to generate and download usage reports for each account or the whole organization.

Use Group and Tag Define Costs
Filter your spendings by tags that differenciates projects or departments. Also, use group to combine multiple accounts together to generate grouped usage costs and reports.
You can even join multiple AWS accounts that belong to different payer accounts into one group. Or, even to generate tag reports across accounts that do not belong to the same aws organization.

3. Accurately Calculate Costs

When RI capacity blends the rate with discounted prices among all of your organization's linked accounts, the default AWS usage report does not reflect the true usage of each account. Mobingi Wave provides you true usage reports base on the rebalanced RI calculation per account-level, group-level, or tags-level. RI rebalancing includes but not limited to:

EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, RedShift, CloudFront, DynamoDb

on demand instances
Pay, by the second, for the instances that you launch.

reserved instances
Purchase, at a significant discount, instances that are always available, for a term from one to three years.

spot instances
Request unused EC2 instances, which can lower your Amazon EC2 costs significantly.

4. RI Expire Alerts, Coverage Reports, and Recommendations

Receive notifications via email or Slack of any RI expirations.
Get in control of your RI coverage and recommendations. Make smarter decisions on RI purchasing strategy.

You can control the budget easily because you can set a maximum budget for each day and month.

You can work with mails and slacks so you never miss an important alert.

More Features

Auto Account Detection
Automatically detect new linked accounts

RI Rightsizing Recommendations
Strategically buy RI & maximize ROI.

Multi-currency Reports
Get usage reports in your currency.

Tagging & Allocation
Filter cost & resources by tags

Auto RI Detection
Automatically detect RI purchases

CSV Reports Downloading
View the cost reports from your Excel

Budget Alert
Setup daily and monthly budgets

Detailed Usage Reports
AWS-style detailed usage reports

Tag Everything
Tags are automatically detected

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